We swiped right.

Our love story.

After years of working together as partners, the owners and senior leadership of Bigfish Creative Group and Lucid Agency decided to design and launch something new. Meet Highnoon.

Founded in 2020, Highnoon is a full-service marketing and consulting agency built from the ground up, and comprised of the talent from two award-winning organizations – Lucid Agency and Bigfish Creative Group (both headquartered in Phoenix, AZ).

Lucid and Bigfish have each made a name for themselves delivering award-winning results to some of the most incredible clients around (nearly 1,000 of them since 2006). Yet, the teams saw an evolving landscape comprised of rapid advances in technology and sweeping changes in buying behavior, and knew it was time to reimagine what the agency of the future could be. So, the owners and leadership teams designed and launched Highnoon, a new type of agency, to truly deliver what bold brands will be looking for in the future – transformational results.

As Highnoon, we help our clients provide incredible, seamless experiences across all channels and touchpoints through our business acumen (fancy word for wicked smart), technological expertise (see: big nerds) and creative genius to reach your audience.

Our people.

We’re marketing experts who also happen to be former pastry chefs, fanatical Phish phans, motocross racers, furniture builders, and hip-hop dancers. Together we embrace challenges, deeply care about the work we do, and have the confidence to solve just about any problem you put in front of us.

Think you’ve got the chops? Join our team.

Our partners + certifications.